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Intentions from the Past Inventing The 20th Century; by Stephen Van Dulken Published 2007 by Barnes & Noble, Inc. Inventions is a way for people to improve our society as time goes, just like this book shows the importance of creating something simple like a Zipper. After reading this book I came to realize how many inventions created to better our everyday life. For example zipper, post-it notes, and photocopier are all parts of inventions useful for us every day. This book is so relevant to creativity because it takes simple thing we need and use every day and make it into an invention. I’m sure every day we think of way to make something better by adding something to it or just using our imagination to change the whole out look of that product. The author is Stephen Van Dulken he was born in England in 1952. He was blessed to have a father to look up to because he was a well-known author of many books and novels. The format of the book was very easy to follow because everything was separated in ten year marks, for every ten years ten new inventions were created. There are many different types of inventions people have come up with and one that stuck out the most to me is the telephone and how simple it used to be. When the telephone was first made it was only able to call. Then it was able to call and resive calls. Now we have phone that can talk to you when no one is there to answer it, and you can leave a message to. Not only talking about house telephone but mobile phones both similar in creation. The cellular phone was created in the late 50s and was so big u couldn’t fit it in your pockets. Year by year the phone got smaller and smaller. Till this day we have something called the iphone that is smarter than most people. I enjoyed reading this book and finding out the history behind the

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