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IB English A1 The Sorrow of War Symbolism. Below are several symbols used in the sorrow of war. You need to find as many quotes as you can associated with each symbol (recording page numbers) and then explain the purpose and effect of Nihn’s use of this symbol. The Jungle “In the 3rd Regiment, hiding in the Screaming Souls Jungle, the soldiers waited in fear, hoping they would not be ordered in as support forces, to hurl themselves into the arena to almost certain death. (Ninh 15) “This is the Jungle of Screaming Souls. It looks empty and innocent, but in fact it’s crowded. There are so many ghosts and devils all over this battleground! I’ve been driving for this corpse-collecting team since early seventy-three but I still can’t get used to the passengers who come out of their graves to talk to me. … All kinds of ghosts, new soldiers, old soldiers, soldiers from the 1-th Division, the 2nd Division, soldiers from the provincial armed forces, the 320th Mobile Forces, 559 Corps, sometimes women, and every now and again some southern souls, from Saigon.” (Ninh 41) “The mountains and jungles are water-soaked and dull. Wet trees. Quiet jungles.” (Ninh 3) “Even into early December, weeks after the end of the normal rainy season, the jungles this year are still as muddy as all hell. They are forgotten by peace, damaged or impassable…” (Ninh 3) “That was the dry season when the sun burned harshly, the wind blew fiercely, and the enemy sent napalm spraying through the jungle and a sea of fire enveloped them, spreading like the fires of hell.” (Ninh 5) “No jungle grew again in this clearing. No grass. No plants.” (Ninh 5) In the novel The Sorrow of War the jungle symbolizes the Vietnamese people who are affected by the war. From soldier to civilian, Vietnamese people who are dead in the war appears as ghosts in the Jungle as the long descriptive quote “This

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