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Organized Rewarding Chaos The day has arrived; it is move in day at Auburn University and the freshmen have arrived in full force! The quad is a popular spot for the new freshmen on campus residents at Auburn University. In two days the true chaos will unravel, and rush will take off full speed ahead. Potential sorority girls are leaving home and moving in a full week before the other students; that is the privilege you get for participating in the torture they call rush week. It is a torture where every girl struggles to find what she is looking for while staying true to herself. After saying a sometimes sorrowful possibly joyful goodbye to their family, each girl is left to kick start their new independence with Auburn’s seventeen finest…show more content…
The tears start flowing when the lists are handed out, and girl’s hearts plummet at the sight of being released from the place they thought would be their new home. Based on each girl’s resume, initial ten minutes, and preference of sororities, the sororitiy decides if they want you to visit them again. Now each sorority does their best to appeal to all the returning girls’ hearts. These days are called philanthropy days, and each girl will learn what the sorority’s philanthropy is and how they plan to support it. One girl feels very strongly that the sorority supporting breast cancer is where she should be because her grandmother and mother are miraculous survivors. Other girls could care less that breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States; proving that there is a place for each and every girl going through this process to find their home. A sense of belonging has to be more than just a nice conversation in this sorority, or identification in another sorority; but how does each girl know when that connection is found and that it will…show more content…
There are only two days remaining before each girl left is welcomed into their new home. Intending to relieve some of the tension and pressure form the girls, these next two days focus more on the sorority itself, and less on the potential members. Instead of worrying about the impressions they are making, each girl begins to worry and silently question the decisions they have been making all throughout rush week. Have they made a mistake in releasing a certain sorority from their “favorite” list? Have they invested too much in a sorority that they now view them through tainted rose colored glasses? The clock is ticking and the pressure has escalated. On the last day before final rankings, the sororities only ask back the girls they are most serious about joining their sisterhood. This is the day they pull out all of their stops, and try without restraints to convince each potential member that their sorority, home, and sisterhood is here with them. The decision being made is not one that is taken lightly. It is the decision that will affect the next four years of every girls life profusely. Every girl has to trust that the place they hope to call home wants them to become a part of their family as well. Each girl begins to realize that they will not be alone for much longer, and that just possibly the judgment,

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