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Sor- Judaism Essay

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  • on August 21, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Sor- Judaism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Adherents are believers of a religion who follow the core ethical teachings of ideas. These ideas are composed of moral guidelines which provide specific beliefs and worship practices one must comply with. These guidelines are the foundation of how believers must act to live a good life, whether it is observations or activities in the world. Therefore an adherent’s worldview is characterised by their beliefs and ethical teachings which challenge the way they think about the world, additionally shaping their life continually throughout time.

The principle beliefs of Judaism are the core elements of adherents view point of the world.
The belief that God is one is central to Judaism with multiple expressions of meaning like that God is indivisible, God is unique and there is only one God who is the creator and ruler of the universe. The prayer known as Shema shows this belief, “Hear Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one”. This belief reflects Judaism’s monotheistic nature, which rejects any form of idolatry in the Jewish society and therefore that there can be no other gods.

Furthermore, Jews believe that God gave a code of ethics to the world that was intended to guide human kind into choices which were right. This concept of a moral law allows those who study the sources of revelation such as the Torah to understand the appropriate response to moral questions. As adherents closely study such text like the Torah, the way they think about the world gradually changes with ideas about how to live. The essential purpose of this divinely inspired moral law is to ensure that human beings live in a manner to enhance and not diminish the dignity of another. Therefore, the principle beliefs of Judaism are the core elements of adherents view point of the world as the belief that God is one, places a restriction on idolatry and the concept of a moral law provides morals which challenge and at the same time changes minds of followers, hence shaping the...

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