Sophe's World Essay

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Sophia was a little girl and she lived with her mother. There are a lot of question in our mind that we want to know. Also sometimes we can't answer exact our questions. We know that we are doing something right, but we don't know exactly why we are doing. Maybe for our society? The idea that nothing can come from nothing introduced in Sophie's world omit? Where does the world come from? She learned that things omit i nature are in a constant state of transformation. Although most people, through their lives, attempt to develop their own personal philosophy their own attempts to explain themselves and the world they live in. If we want to be strong then we have to fight in life problems and we have to solve them. One afternoon, Sophie comes home from school then she checked her mailbox. Surprisingly, she found a letter addressed to her. Her questions became more unending and her curiosity ignites some more when she received her next letter, which says where does the world come from? The next day she is in deep reflection on what’s happening. Who is she? Where does the world come from? Where did the letters come from? She has no idea. She doesn’t even have the interest in playing with her dear friend Joanna. There are several advantages to growing up for a number of reasons. Sophia’s teacher uses letters to get her out of little world, grow up and think about the bigger picture and try to change things. Teacher letters helped her to realize that there are many meanings in her life that she didn’t realize before that it can change her life. After all, her life changed and her understanding changed in a different way, she becomes adults. Also communication with her mother changed she communicates with her mother as an adult. Sophia’s mother start to realize that she was drunk or she used drugs because she was not similar with old Sophia.

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