Sop for Ms in Chemical Engineering

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PERSONAL STATEMENT It was in Std 9 that I discovered within myself that my interest lies in Engineering. I was in the top 0.1% of the successful candidates in Science and Technology in the country for my Class X examination. I got an opportunity to visit Binani Zinc Limited, a major producer of zinc and sulfuric acid, where my father works. This really bolstered my passion towards the chemical industry. I slowly developed an innate desire towards chemical engineering. I took up Chemical Engineering 4 year undergraduate course from Government Engineering College Thrissur, a premier engineering college in the country. Mass Transfer, Fluid and Particle Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Transport Phenomena and Design were all my favorite subjects, but Chemical Reaction Engineering captured my attention in the lot. I enjoyed learning the subject and used to search the web to learn beyond my curriculum. I got opportunity to associate with a good team of faculty in my college and in particular, one of my professors, Dr. P.A. Solomon. It is through him that I came to know of the immense opportunities for research in this discipline. I got hands-on experience in doing simulations of chemical processes in Aspen Plus under his guidance. I also learnt to use the modeling software, Minitab under his supervision. My in-plant training at the Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited was really pivotal. I got chance to interact with the industry personnel and it was a fruitful experience. I also underwent short trainings at Binani Zinc Limited and TANFAC, Cuddalore. I became really interested in both Reaction Engineering and modeling that I simulated an ammonia synthesis loop in Aspen Plus and found out the variation in conversions of the synthesis reactor with pressure and temperature. I also modeled the reactor using Response Surface Methodology in Minitab using
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