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I am a young lady from Mumbai, India and I am writing to you in support of my program. It is my first choice for postgraduate study because I prize my identity as a global citizen, first and foremost a member of human society rather than a product of any parochial affiliation. I celebrate globalization and very much want to become a specialist at fomenting global cooperation and collaboration in the areas of Media and Communication. My own background, training, and principal professional interests lie in the area of communication management and the way in which they serve world society, overcoming barriers, bridging frontiers, and opening up new horizons—and these issues have long been at the center of my professional focus. I have done a lot of research into masters programs in this area and have decided that Whistling Woods International’s dedication to global perspectives is unmatched by other programs. I feel that my global perspective and interests make me a very strong candidate for this program and I look forward to being a part of an academic community of like-minded people who are on the cutting edge of harnessing the power of technology to global media communications. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design (Graphics) from the Symbiosis International University. I have always been very pleased with the choice that I made early on to study Graphics because it has helped me understand the creative aspects of Communications. At Whistling Woods International, I look forward to learning the most current, state-of-the-art techniques, especially in our new digital age and with our increasingly global economy. My long-term goals are to some day start my own Media Company in India. I plan to finish my Master’s Degree and then spend several years working in the Media so as to gain additional experience, learning from others, and developing the level

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