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A Case study on “Sony Targets Laptop Consumers in China: Segment Global or Local?” Core Issue/Problem & Sub-issue Lopez was faced with an issue of deciding which segment to market Sony’s VAIO series in China. His issue was of that he had too much of data to analysis and come to conclusion. He has to first of all decide which data to look at and which data to eliminate and make his recommendations to the senior management of Sony. Background: When looked at the global image of Sony VAIO, I understand Sony VAIO to be a “stylish” and “design,” oriented laptop. The higher price of VAIO strengthens the consumer associations of the brand with high price. It was largely seen by buyers as a computer for individual consumers and business professionals rather than as an enterprise brand for business. It was thus positioned as a “statement computer”, since it was perceived as a “classy”, “sleek” and “trendy” laptop, in a market where laptops tended to be “boxy”, “bulky” and “heavy”, also they were available in only “grays” and “black”. Although the Chinese recognized the Sony brand, they were mostly unfamiliar with the VAIO brand, which they usually referred to as the “Sony laptop.” The Sony brand was seen as “young and trendy” laptop, mostly due to the number of choices in the color of the products. Also consumers in China valued a brand’s history e.g., people were favorable to Lenovo because it was seen as one of the most established PC brand in China and therefore had heritage there. Most respondents saw Sony as an early player in the Chinese market. Causes and complication: The four reports which Lopes looked at were: Shanghai report, Customer Interview report, CLUES and COMPASS report. Outcome of Shanghai report can be summarized into three key trends which were a consequence of the fast growth of the economy. The three trends were: First –Major education and

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