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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Sony’s Jive Label Group (JLG) has been informed by YouTube that a homemade video titled JK Wedding Dance is using their copyrighted music without authorization. The video features a hip hop influenced dance at the wedding of Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz, performed to the music of JLG’s artist Chris Brown. Aided by the concept’s novelty and Brown’s distinctly heard music, the video has gone viral and garnered approximately 33 million views in the last six months. Brown’s public image has recently taken a beating owing to his conviction in a domestic violence case, and it has adversely impacted sales of his music. Since this video also presents an opportunity to monetize its content, JLG needs to decide how to approach this copyright infringement issue. While taking a decision, JLG needs to consider the financial, legal and PR implications of its actions. It is advised that JLG should monetize the video by negotiating agreements with YouTube, Peterson and Heinz and organically promote Brown’s music. [Word Count = 164] TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 5 PROBLEM STATEMENT 7 OPTIONS 7 EVALUATION CRITERIA 7 EVALUATION OF OPTIONS 8 Option 1 8 Option 2 8 Option 3 8 RECOMMENDATION 9 ACTION PLAN 9 REFERENCES 11 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS The Marketing and Digital Media (MDM) team for the Jive Label Group (JLG) at Sony Music is responsible for all aspects of artist marketing, with a focus on direct-to-consumer strategies and monetization of new media products. In the past year, social media, or Internet based software that facilitates the creation and exchange of user-generated content has seen explosive growth. Social networking site Facebook’s users increased 3 times, while microblogging site Twitter’s users increased 18 times. The average time spent on social media also grew ~2.5
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