Sony Bmg, Et Al. Vs. Consumers Essay

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In 2005 Sony BMG unleashed a powerful new weapon in the war against piracy, its name rootkit software. The new use of this common tool would allow Sony BMG to keep track and gather consumer information of anyone who played Sony BMG cds in their computers. Additionally, it would infiltrate and reside deep within the Windows operating system, and be unlikely to be detected .make itself almost impossible to remove. In addition to its utility, the software if ever detected would be almost impossible to remove. Indeed, it seemed this strategy could turn the tides for Sony BMG, who loses estimated hundreds of millions of dollars to piracy worldwide.1 it seemed like a good plan, except for a few small details: • Rootkit or Spyware-like software is illegal. • Rootkit software allows third parties access to consumer computers. Enter is currently involved The case however, is not black and white. There are thosethat believe Sony BMG has the right to protect its property from being illegally distributed while others believe that a person’s right to privacy is greater than any company’s right to protect its intellectual property. II. Hypothesis It is the belief of the group that Sony BMG has the right to protect intellectual property; however, it does not have the right to do it through the unauthorized use of rootkit-like technology. Such aggressive protection of intellectual material is illegal, and could cause irreparable damage to consumers’ data, software, hardware, and compromise consumer security. Furthermore, even if authorized, installation of software could not only impair security, but also make computers susceptible to spyware, viruses or worms. As a result of the illegal activity and compromised security of thousands of computers, it is the group’s belief that Sony BMG should make restitutions by providing software

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