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Fantastic 4 Mr. Milstead English 132.018 22 October 2012 The Wise and Successful Investment-Sony Stock and investments are extremely risky, but can be very beneficial. Money plays a big role in a young adult’s life, and investing money in a corporation would provide a peace of mind. It can be quite simple to earn large amounts of income through investing, but the success of investment relies on the corporation chosen. When investing, the corporation’s stability is very important and will determine the outcome of the investment. One wise investment that should be taken into consideration is the Sony Corporation. Sony was established in 1958 and when investing, over 50 years of business establishes credibility. Most young adults are in college and rely so much on software and technology. Therefore, it is good to know that Sony has donated billions to the Arts and Entertainment departments, local educational institutes, and has provided a helping hand to society because of their establishment. Sony lives up to their mission statement in developing a wide range of innovative products and multimedia services that challenge the way consumers access and enjoy digital entertainment. Their innovative gaming consoles, the PlayStation Three and PSP are the products that abide by their mission statement. Sony is involved in nearly every aspect of life from the box office to medicine and is the investment that will provide the most success in the near future. When an individual is investing in a company that has low stock for lacking a gadget boom, it is easy to be hesitant in making a decision; Sony is a company that pursues this path. La Monica states, “The problems plaguing Sony for the past few years are well known. The strong yen is taking a huge bite out of overseas profits. The company hasn't had a gadget catch fire like its ubiquitous Walkman did in the 80s” (La

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