Sonny's Blues Summary

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Music, drugs and culture are mixed together in various levels of conflict and harmony throughout modern day music, which affects the artist and listeners alike. The Group summarizes James Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues” as depiction of two brother’s relationship with one another. The summary by Suzy Bernstein Goldman seems to also depict this triangle of cultural relations that has affected three generations of America Culture. There is tragedy that causes a rift in the two bothers relationship. Tragedies affect people in all different ways. In this story one brother, the narrator goes in the direction of education while Sonny goes down the road of drugs and music. There is more to why Sonny took this path even though tragedy may have been the catalyst. The times were very hard on the African American community at that time and in this story…show more content…
“We learn of another pair of brothers” (Goldman pg232) the uncle being like Sonny and their father being like Sonny’s bother the narrator. This is important because it reflects that people are different and do not react the same way to life even when brought up the same way. Sonny’s uncle much like Sonny clung to music and culture. The narrator may be linking their uncle’s accidental death to his life style when it could not be related in any way. While living with Sonny’s brother’s family Sonny’s brother doesn’t understand Sonny’s drug use or his musical escapes while playing nightclubs friends homes or within the walls of his home. In the story "Sonny’s Blues" Sonny's brother makes the inaccurate insistence to push Sonny into finishing his education, thinking it will be best for him. Their relationship takes a bigger turn for the worst when Sonny’s Brother shows his inability to listen to Sonny and what he wants, how he feels and his goals of being a Jazz musician that later
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