Sonny's Blues Alternate Ending

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Sonny’s Blues Continued... After watching Sonny perform at the jazz club, Sonny and I went home and had a beer. We sat in a dark living room in complete silence, only hearing the music from the juke box that lay in the corner of the room. That jukebox was never played once until that night. The darkness spoke the words for us, it was full or regret and relief at the same time. I guess since Sonny and I have not connected in so long before tonight, we did not know what to say to each other. His music spoke of the pain he felt, his troubles, and apology that he did not know how to express. We just looked at each other simultaneously and sighed with relief. Sonny continued to stay with us until he could get back up on his feet and get his life…show more content…
Sonny was getting better. He was on the verge of releasing his very own jazz music record, recorded by him and his friends. All I could think about was the words that Sonny’s childhood friend had once told me “Sonny had such a death wish; "He don't want to die. He wants to live. Don't nobody want to die, ever”. When the time came for Sonny`s funeral I was barley there. I was emotionally broken. I felt like I was in a coma! Sonny and I had just begun to start talking again and I was finally beginning to understand the affect that jazz music had on his life. Just one more time I wish I could see that fire in Sonny`s eyes, when I saw him play on stage. I wish I could see him again with the same emotion and dedication that he had when playing music. But it`s too late for that now. Sonny is dead. I know that I shouldn’t be blaming myself with this but I think that it is my fault that Sonny is dead. Deep down I knew that he was going to use drugs again. I just knew. I lied to myself believing that Sonny was getting better and that he was making progress. But I could see in his eyes that he was unhappy and he was not getting better, and that it was taking every ounce of him not to use drugs again. The night that Sonny died, I went and looked in his room while he

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