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glish Aaron Watts – Joshua Cruz English 1302 Professor Cuyler 10-8-13 Group 4 “Sonny's Blues” is a short story that was published in 1957, a time of uprising African American music such as the blues. In this story, James Baldwin presents a narrative about Sonny, a very talented piano musician who struggles with the temptations of drugs that surround the life of musicians in Harlem. In “Sonny’s Blues,” our narrator reflects on Sonny’s youth as a kid and how he would skip school to play music with all the older musicians. When Sonny’s mother confronts him about skipping school, she finds out that, “he’d been down in Greenwich Village, with musicians and other characters, in a white girls apartment” Baldwin, James. “Sonny’s Blues.” Literature: Craft and Voice. Ed. Delbanco, Nicholas, and Alan Cheuse. New York: Mcgraw, 2013. 249. Critics such as James Baldwin and Megan Weeks have analyzed the story and presented their views on the struggle faced by Sonny when it came to drugs in the Harlem musician life . While taking these views into consideration, an analysis focusing on characterization, the way the author brings a person in the story to life, reveals the weaknesses and obstacles we face in the real world when hanging out with certain crowds such as drug addicts. Through an analysis of the choices Baldwin makes in regards to the characterization of Sonny and consideration of the impact on drugs in the specific time era in Harlem [real world issue], one can interpret a theme of the inner struggle to fit in and follow others who share the same interest and passions. Along with the struggles we see Sonny face we see how one may cope with such a difficult type of situation. Throughout the novel we see a young boy who faces many peer pressure type of conflicts. Despite the difficult level and tremendous temptation to continue down the road one is headed, we see

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