Sonny's Blues and Desiree Baby

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There are lots of great short stories out there, but in my opinion, both`` Desiree’s baby`` by Kate Chopin and ``Sonny’s Blues`` by James Baldwin are two of the most truthful and effective stories. They share both similarities and differences throughout. Comparing and contrasting the way the authors use their narration to achieve their intentions in the story will give us more idea how these stories are alike and distinct. First, these two stories are similar, because both the authors had chosen the same topic of people all over the world suffer in different ways of discrimination and that is why`` Sonny’s Blues`` and`` Desiree’s Baby`` are alike, because both authors use discrimination as their main theme. In ``Desiree’s Baby``, the author describes the importance of skin color when he says,``The yellow nurse woman sat beside a window fanning herself. ``page 1.The discrimination is used when Desiree realizes that her baby is of mixed racial heritage and that Armand, her wealthy husband rejects the child and the wife, because of the color of their baby. In ``Sonny’s Blues`` story it shows another kind of discrimination. Two Brothers who come to understand each other after being separated for a long time are finally together. Coming from a low-income family and being black as a disadvantage affected their way of seeing life. Young men feel the weight of limited possibilities. The narrator has assimilated into white society as much as possible, but stills feel the pain of racism and the limits placed upon opportunity. In the same manner both characters want to find their identity into the world, for Sonny it is on becoming a Jazz musician and for Desiree it is finding who she is and where she comes from seeing that she was adopted and that she conceived a mixed skin color baby. Furthermore, we will be able to find differences in the two stories by looking at the
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