"Sonny's Blues"

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"Sonny’s Blues” “Sonny’s Blues” is an inter-racial story taking back in the 50’s. The two main characters are Sonny himself, and his brother Baldwin. The main purpose and theme of this story is for the brother’s to fully understand one another. There are two different types of conflicts within this story. There is an internal and external conflict within Sonny and Baldwin. The internal conflict is self doubt within Sonny, questioning his own ability to succeed in the music industry. The external conflict as well as the climax of the story is for Sonny and his brother to be able to understand one another, so they both can succeed in life together. Flashback as well plays an extremely pertinent role in this story. When a flashback occurs, the true compassion and understanding of the brothers rekindle and surface; enabling the both of them to become a family again. The basic conflict within this story is for the brothers to fully understand and love each other. When this story starts, Sonny is being released from prison for certain accusations, as well as having possession/ using heroin. Baldwin, a Harlem algebra teacher and Sonny’s brother, very quickly discovers this incident. Throughout the story, the conflict of being able to understand one another and their life dreams and ambitions is extremely difficult. There are internal and external forces within this story, both in which, dealing with Sonny. Sonny’s internal conflict is his own self-doubt in being able to build and succeed in a musical career. The external conflict is physically rising up to the challenge of the music industry. Throughout the story, the struggle to be able to understand one another is a constant battle. The climax in this story is obviously when Sonny and his brother Baldwin come to an understanding of one another. This particular scene happens in a jazz club while Sonny is
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