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Sonny 2 Game Analysis I am usually not a fan of flash RPG games due to their limitations but after playing Sonny 2, my perspective towards Flash RPG games changed. It is challenging, there is the usual grind which most RPG fans love, and there is strategy required to take down most enemies in the game. The space of possibilities in Sonny 2 is very vast despite only having the ability to allocate 8 skills for your character and the class system further expands this. Discovery can be seen both in the narrative as well as the battle system. Overall, the gameplay is more than enough to give it very meaningful play. The class system is very appealing in Sonny 2. You can play Sonny as a Psychological class using the power of the mind to disrupt and damage foes, a Biological which relies on regenerative and strength-based abilities, or a Hydraulic which is like the "jack of all trades" class. The wonderful feature of Sonny 2 is the skill tree. Each class has a different skill tree and all skills in their skill tree are exclusive. This opens countless of builds for your character. For example, you can play a Psychological class that simply hinders opponent's healing and damage, an elusive build that can avoid many types of attacks, or a support role that heals and buffs allies. The class and skill tree of the game contributes in my opinion to about 95% of the meaningful play because you can truly mold your character and have plenty of control you progress through the game. Discovery is really fun in Sonny 2. In the "waiting" area where you can select to train, battle, or buy items, there are spots in the environment you can interact so you can understand more things about the story or make connections as to why certain things appear as they are. Discovery is also present in battles since

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