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Sonnet 29 Essay

  • Submitted by: aterreforte
  • on April 24, 2013
  • Category: Shakespeare
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William Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 Reflection and Analysis
Ashley Terreforte
Introduction to Literature
Instructor Danielle Slaughter
March 27th, 2013

In this paper I will be explaining why I find William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29 interesting and what about the sonnet that catches my attention. I have always been a big fan of all of Shakespeare’s work only because his writing style and the words he uses to make his point within the play, sonnet, or piece of literature. The way Shakespeare writes I find very interesting and sometimes confuses me but that is what keeps me interested because I am continually learning how to define what it is that Shakespeare is trying to say within his literature. In William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29 the form, language, and content of the poem are what keep in engaged   and wondering what would go through Shakespeare's mind when he sat down to write Sonnet 29. The form in which Shakespeare wrote Sonnet 29 and many other of his sonnets with the AB AB CD CD EF EF GG form reminds me of the notes on a music staff and that is what keeps most interested because in my head I look at it as a song and in a way it kind of is. The Elements in which kept me intrigued in William Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 did not affect my response to the poem, however because of the language used to write the poem I did tend to focus more on trying to understand what Shakespeare was saying because of the language used.
In William Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 the form in which he writes the sonnet I find very interesting. A sonnet by definition “is a highly structured form of lyric poetry” (R.W. Clugston, 2010). There are a couple different types of sonnets an Italian or Petrarchan style, a Spenserian, and an English style sonnet. The English sonnet being the easiest of all three and also the style in which Sonnet 29 was written in. Although the pattern of the sonnet that Shakespeare wrote Sonnet 29 in is AB AB CD CD EF EF GG, when I look at it I see notes on a music...

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