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Sonnets were usually fourteen line poems written by William Shakespeare. These sonnets were written in 1609 as “a Booke called Shakespeare’s Sonnetts” which consisted of 154 sonnets. Shakespeare’s sonnets were the last of his non-dramatic works which printed in 1609. Sonnets 127-152 were written to the poet's mistress expressing his strong love for her. When a comparison is made between William Shakespeare “Sonnet 130” and “Sonnet 132”, they both talk about the love of a mistress. They both explain how beautiful the mistress or “Dark Lady” is, and they describe it in many ways. In both sonnets, it talks about the mistresses’ eyes. In these two Sonnets of Shakespeare, they share the same qualities, but within those qualities, they differentiate in ways like structure, rhyme scheme, and some literary elements. Also the themes of these two poems are the same. The difference between “Sonnet 130” and “Sonnet 132” is that in “Sonnet 130”, Shakespeare is describing how beautiful she is by comparing her to objects of nature, while in “Sonnet 132”, he is doing the same but he is not comparing her to objects of nature, and the fact that the mistress does not have any feelings for him either. (Felicia Jean Steele pg 1). “Sonnet 130” and “Sonnet 132” both talk about and describe the love of his mistress or “The Dark Lady”. In “Sonnet 130”, he compares the lady’s walk to a goddesses’ walk. For example, “I grant I never saw a goddess go: / My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground.”(Lines 12-13). This comparison is generally saying that he has never seen a goddesses walk before but when his mistress walks, she steps “humanly”, or gracefully. In “Sonnet 132” Shakespeare compares the Dark Lady’s eyes to a mourner. As quoted in the text, “ Thine eyes I love, and they, as pitying me,/Knowing thy heart torments me with disdain,/ Have put on black and loving

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