Sonnet 104 Essay

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Junjie Liu Prof. Scheuerman WR100 23, 2013 Sonnet 144 Time is always running second by second, never faster never slower but still. “Three beauteous springs to yellow autumn turned” (144, 5). Spring, which is the most beautiful season during a year, turned into autumn. In the “three April”(144,7) of the “three beauteous springs”(144,), flowers bloomed and perfumed scents emanated from these beautiful flowers. However, they are all “in three hot Junes burned”. In the eyes of the persona, spring’s beauty crawls away when time goes by. Spring is like the early stage of a person’s life but everybody cannot protect his or her beauty from time. In the process of people’s life, time would always mark the people’s face with wrinkles. “since first I saw you fresh, which yet are green.”(141444,8) When the persona first saw W.H., the beauty of him seems like a germinated seed which just arrives on the earth. But, it turns green three years later. Although W.H. is still beautiful, he is growing old even it is slowly. For the past three years, the persona have seen the seasons' changing. He realized that beauty is "like a dial hand"(144, 9) which "steals from disfigure and no pace perceived"(144, 9). As a clock is running, the dial hand is always moving and take away the time little by little. The lost of time is too slow to be noticeable but beauty is eventually leaving from W.H.'s "sweet hue, which methinks(the persona) still doth stand". For three years, seasons are changing one after another. Life is also like a cycle, "spring time is youth, summer is maturity, autumn is old age, and winter is death"(Lokoff, 18). The persona realizes that "a lifetime is a year and death is winter"(Lokoff, 18). Everybody would experience youth, maturity, old age and death in their life just like the four seasons in a year. The persona knows that the beauty he believes still stand on
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