Sonia as a Savior in Crime and Punishment

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Introduction: In Crime and Punishment , Dostoevsky provides us with the idea of an extraordinary man - someone who is above the law and their actions are for the betterment of society. Sonia is this character because she is a savior to many of he characters by making their lives better or leading them to a more moral way of life. Central Idea: In the book Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sonia is a savior. Thesis: Sonia is a savior because she rescues, enlightens, and accomplishes. Rescues: Family from poverty by becoming prostitute “And Sonia comes to us now, mostly after dark; she comforts Katerina Ivanovna and gives her all she can...” (pg. 18) Raskolnikov from constant emotional turmoil “There, not far from the entrance, stood Sonia, pale and horror-stricken. She looked wildly at him. He stood still before her. There was a look of poignant agony, of despair, in her face. She clasped her hands. His lips worked in an ugly, meaningless smile. He stood still a minute, grinned and went back to the police office.” (pg. 525) Katerina from eviction “... since then my daughter, Sofya Semyonovna has been forced to take yellow ticket, and owning to that she is unable to go on living with us.” (pg. 18) Enlightens: Raskolnikov to Christianity “Without a word Sonia took out of the drawer two crosses, one of cypress woof and one of copper. She made the sign of the cross over herself and over him, and put the wooden cross on his neck.” (pg. 517) Lizaveta to the saving power of God. “Were you friends with Lizaveta?”
“Yes... she was good... she used to come... not often... she couldn’t... We used to read together and... talk. She will see God.” (pg. 324) Svidrigailov that money should be used to benefit people “Here are three 5-per-cent bonds to the value of three thousand roubles. Take those for yourself, entirely for yourself...
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