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Act Two, Scene 1 Fleance: Hello Dad, why are you still awake if it is passed 12 o clock? Banqou: Well my son it is because, I have had some terrible nightmares these past night, I hope that I dont fall asleep for a while. Banquo: OH!!! Macbeth why are you still up? It is way too late for your eyes to still be open. But since I see you I must tell you about a nightmare I had, The three wretched rats were in it. Macbeth: Oh that is such a funny dream, because those wretched rats had not passed my mind since we saw them last in the sewers, but since you have brought them up perhaps it is best that we talk about what they said at a later time. Banquo: Good Night Macbeth Fleance: See you tommorrow Macbeth. (Banquo and Fleance Leave) Macbeth:…show more content…
Lennox: The storm last night was a sever one, ive never seen one so strong. Macduff: Ohh NOOOOO!!!! THE KING IS DEAD!!!! Macbeth and Lennox enter the chambers to check. Lady Macbeth enters Lady Macbeth: How could I let this happen?! Malcolm and Donalbain come to check Lady Macbeth: Your father has been killed... probably by the chamberlain Macbeth: In the rage that took over my body I have killed the chamberlain. Macduff: This is a strange thing. Lady Maduff: Oh no, I think I am fainting Lady Macduff faints. and is dragged away Malcom: We are not safe and must flee the court Donalbain: I will flee to Ireland and you to England! Macbeth: Us lords must come together, and talk about this day. Act Two, Scene Four Ross and old man walking around Ross: So many strange things have been going on Old man: Yes they are, from owls killing falcons to Duncan's horses acting odd. Macduff finds them Macduff: Macbeth has now been made king, as told by the Lords. He comes to Scorn for his ceremony, and the conclusion has been made that someone must have paid the chamberlains. The people most likely suspected are the kings children who fled. Ross: These are news , I must go see the king be

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