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Song of Solomon Essay

  • Submitted by: neemahendrix
  • on December 3, 2013
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Song of Solomon Journal I
Section I- Discussion Questions
  1. In the beginning of the story, Robert Smith is an insurance agent that leaves a note. He is insisting that he is going to fly off the top of Mercy Hospital. The only people who witness are those in near proximity at the time of the event. No one came in advance despite the fact he left a note as well.
  2. The characters we meet in the opening scene are Mr. Smith. We see that he is going through some mental issues because he tries to fly off the top of Mercy Hospital. Unsurprisingly, he falls to his death because he is not able to fly.
  3. The opening scene reveals that the characters are living in a time of discrimination and racism. For example, the call the hospital “No Mercy Hospital” because they didn’t want to accept black patients.
  4. Ruth Dead is very unhappy. She is totally miserable in her marriage. She is in an abusive marriage with Macon Dead II.   She is a very interesting character because she chooses to do strange things to cope. For instance, she rubs down the water mark on her table for a little satisfaction. She is quite inappropriate in my opinion.
  5. Ruth is breastfeeding her son Macon, who is much too old to be breastfed. Freddie then gives Macon, the name Milkman. This shows that Ruth Dead feels that desperate for physical attention.
  6. Pilate got her name when her father who was illiterate pointed to word that appeared to mean strong and intelligent.
  7. Macon Dead is a pompous business man. He is abusive towards his wife. His very much so an authoritarian in his household. He is very hard on his children as well. His keys mean so much to him because he is a landlord and it secures his income.
  8. Pilate Dead is a very radical character. She is an alcoholic, and she does not get along with Macon at all . She has two daughters.

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