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Everyone has that one person to go to when struggles occur. People have the choice to live a good life or a bad life. A good life in my opinion is living for Christ. Everyone has different opinions on what a song actually means. “Levee Prayer” by Jimmy Thackery dentition of Reba Russell is a powerful song that could have many meanings. The song has that beat to pull at your heart and keep you wondering what’s going on. When people have struggles they always have someone to turn to. The song “Levee Prayer” to me is very powerful. When I first heard this song I thought of a women needing Christ back in her life. The lyrics are powerful because she talks about trying her best for Jesus and is trying to save people but there is no one left else to save. The song has that beat that makes you want to keep hearing it. In my opinion, this song tells a story. First hearing this song I made the assumption that the song is about someone who struggled in life and needed Jesus. I came up with a smart idea and decided to look up the word levee. After looking up the word “levee,” it means overflowing of a river. Everyone can make the mistake of not knowing what a songs true meaning is about, but that’s what makes them opinionated. There is so many ways that a person can describe a song. Reba Russell has a way of putting words together in the way of telling stories. Some people may not completely understand what the song is talking about, but it’s the feeling you get while listening to it. Reba sounds inspirational. Her voice can trigger attention because the words are very motivational. She delivers the message in a way no other musician can. Reba Russell’s song, “Levee Prayer” is a song that is very powerful and has many meanings. She has the voice that can tell any kind of story in

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