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When prompted with a research question, we often think where should I begin? We also question how to summarize our thoughts onto paper. Trying to write an essay can be a very frustrating process, but it doesn't have to be. If you know the steps and understand what to do, writing can be easy and less painful. Sondra Perl makes that easier for us. Sondra Perl is an English Professor at Lehman College at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Dr. Perl has been leading writing workshops on college campuses for over 20 years. Sondra Perl’s “Felt Sense: Writing with the body” discusses how felt sense connects the mind with the body, language with feeling and discovering with knowing. In her book, Perl connects felt sense to three concepts. Chapter one is historical which locates felt sense with the field of composition studies. Chapter two is experimental; it includes a transcript of the “Guidelines for composing.” Chapter three is theoretical; it discusses how language and meaning are connected. I feel that her most important idea to the field of theorizing the writing process is her felt sense concept. Felt sense was originally developed by Eugene Gendlin. He says “It is something so simple, so easily available to every person, that at first its very simplicity makes it hard to point to. Another term for it is felt meaning or feeling. However, feeling is a word usually used for (specific feelings)…. But regardless of the many changes in what we feel –that is to say, really how we feel- there always is concretely present flow of feeling.” Basically Gendlin is saying that we all have a felt sense, though we don’t even realize it. Sometimes we just don’t know how to express our feelings onto paper, we know we want to say but it just takes time. Perl wants us to recognize that the literacy in our bodies is where we experience what we are trying to

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