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Analysis of “Son of Satan” Growing up, you might be unsure of where you belong in life. You are trying to find your own place in the hierarchy, and sometimes you do things that you would not do normally, in the wish of acceptance. It could for example be bullying were young people are mean to each other to feel good about them selves. Charles Bukowski describes this problem in the short story “Son of Satan”, in 1982, where three boys are trying to find their limits. The boys force each other into bullying another boy, which only wants to be their friend. In the story, you get confronted with peer pressure, neglecting parents and bullying. The narrator of the story is eleven years old boy and has to buddies called Hass and Morgan. In this story the narrator is the young leader of their “gang”. Therefor he is acting like a rebel. For example in the start of the story where you can read that he smoked cigarettes, and normal 11 years will not smoke cigarettes. The narrator cannot show fear, even though he really wants to stop beating Simpson, and again because of his “gang” where he is the leader, and a leader cannot show any weakness. “I didn’t want to go it any longer. I figured Simpson had suffered enough but I was the leader [...] I couldn’t show any weakness.” (p.42 ll. 25-27). Again if he showed fear to Simpson he would look like a weak person in front of his two buddies. The narrator is trying to be cynical and cold hearted in front of them. In a way he is pushed to do this because of his friends. The narrator’s father is also the reason behind the narrators act. At the confrontation between the narrator and his father we see their relationship, were we can see that they are like each other “the apple never falls far from the tree”. The narrator has become violent because he was affected by the father’s violent nature. A thing that the father didn’t

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