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Introduction: This essay will analyze the short story “Son of Satan” by Charles Bukowski. This essay will go through the whole story from the setting to themes, conclusion and so on. This story is a 1st person narrative. The narrator appears to be told by the main character whose name we do not know. However, since the story is written in the past tense, we can assume him. The author’s style is characterized by “showing” rather than “telling”. I.e. He does not give detailed descriptions of the characters emotions. Instead he uses expressions like “I just had this vacant feeling, and it was centered in my stomach”’. This implies that the protagonist is guilt – ridden and feels bad about what, he has done to Simpson. Another thing which is characteristic for the story is the luck of emotions, even when the boys terrorize Simpson in the most dreadful way, the horrible way in which Simpson is tortured is written in a matter of fact way that makes it seem even worse. This is seen in the text where it says “I placed a noose over Simpsons head. The language is also an important feature of this story. The language is very harsh and filled with obscenities, even sexual ones. The fact that the bad words is used by children, makes it even worse and shocking to the readers and says a lot about the neighborhood and the parenting in this story. There some different themes in this short story, one of them could be “parenting” or “bad parenting” because, they way the boys act and they are smoking gives us some hints, that they are not raised well, also the idea they get is actually to murder that boy Simpson, isn’t normal for a child, the parents should have learned them about right and wrong. In the last part of the story where the headperson boy is having a “fight” with his dad, he also disrespects his father and as a child you never disrespect elders, if you are

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