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“Son of Satan” – Literary Analysis Growing up, you might be insecure about where you belong in life. You are trying to find your place in the hierarchy, and sometimes you do things you would not normally do, in the wish of acceptance. This issue is described in the short story “Son of Satan”, where three insecure boys try to find their limits. The boys push each other into bullying another boy, that only wants to be their friend. In the story we are confronted with peer pressure, neglecting parents and bullying. Things that probably everyone can link to their own upbringing. The negative effect that neglecting parents can have on children under their upbringing is shown in this case, where the boys are left by themselves and therefore have no one to tell them what is right and what is wrong. The narrator and his friends experiment with different kinds of stuff, in the exploration of themselves, and in the search for identity. The three boys are all insecure about themselves, and they are undergoing a lot of changes in the puberty, so therefore they have found together. Together they are strong, and by acting tough they are trying to hide their insecurity. The narrator represents a young boy, seeking acceptance from the elder boys, Hass and Morgan. In the fear of getting excluded from the gang, they push each other into harming another boy, Simpson, even though they do not want to. The narrator is the leader of the gang, and after horrifying Simpson, he wants to let him go, but refuses to do so. He is in a constant battle with himself, and he has to choose between listening to his common sense, telling him to let Simpson go, or his fear of getting pushed out of the group. “I felt like letting him go. Maybe he hadn’t fucked anybody. Maybe he had just been day-dreaming. But I was the young leader. I couldn’t show any sympathy.” He lets his fear of looking

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