Somewhere over the Rainbow Analysis

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Somewhere over the rainbow has always been one of my favorite songs.Infact I have used this assignment as an excuse to watch the movie. Growing up watching the Wizard of Oz over and over again, I think it is safe to say it would not have been nearly as popular without Judy Garland. I would like to share my thoughts, feelings, and impressions on this version of the song. This song made the movie! There is a reason that it has been re-sung so many times. There is also a reason why The iconic look cannot be touched. This ballad might not have been written by Judy Garland. That was common at the time to share the talent between those who can and those who can’t. When “Dorothy” starts her conversation with Toto it really sets the mood along with the orchestra with longing and hope. Judy garlands voice bites into you with her strong beautiful voice even where her voice is small the meaning is powerful. The lyrics written by E.Y. Harburg flow into each other to make a happy sound while standing out in clarity. I think the words play to a part of us as kids and adults that we hope to find our own “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. The words are not the only element of emotion as the music in the background sneaking its way into our ears not even registering while we watch her beautiful face but telling us how to feel. This influential music is played by a full orchestra and composed by Harold Arlen played by the MGM orchestra. Isael "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole is a performer from Hawaii that lived and died there. His performance of Somewhere over the rainbow was introduced to me in march 2011 after a dear friend passed away. After listening to the original my whole life it was hard to accept the ukulele playing at the beginning. If you don’t turn the song off to start the most amazing male voice I have heard in a long time breathes musical life into the simplicity of the ukulele.

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