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Sometimes Life Sucks Essay

  • Submitted by: magspie
  • on March 3, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Below is an essay on "Sometimes Life Sucks" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Recently I lost my job. I had worked for this company two years,but they did not seem to care about that little detail. I had co-workers,fueled by jealousy, spreading rumors about me. I had a good relationship with our boss, so that must mean I am giving him something in return for the fantastic work schedule I received every week.
  These people called our main office and filed a bogus complaint, not only on me but my boss as well. A week later two representatives from the company drove in from Cleveland to do their investigation. I was taken to another restaurant down the street for a meeting. I was then asked about my relationship with my boss. They had the nerve to question my closeness with a man of influence in my company. I said this is ridiculous after being friends and team-members for two years, you're going to have a friendly closeness with another person, it doesn't mean the relationship will turn sexual.
  The next day I was working with my boss but I couldn't tell him about the investigation after signing a confidentiality form the day before. He left early to run errands for the store. A while later he calls my phone to let me know he was fired for being involved with an employee. I almost cried but I had to pretend nothing was wrong until I could find out more information.
  After my boss' call the two representatives walk into the store. I had another hour and a half of work to do. These men just hung out and spied on us and I knew something was up. As I went to grab my jacket and clock out I was being watched. I tried to run out of the door but they called out for me to stay a minute. I said I was in a hurry and one of the men chased me out to the car. I took a couple hits from my cigarette and said I'd come back in. I went in, they asked me to sit and preceeded to tell me they were terminating me based on testimonies of three employees. The investigation was over and they decided to believe gossip-mongers over their manager and employee of...

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