Sometimes I Lose Things Essay

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Sometimes I lose things. Sometimes it's little things. Things like my ipod or my keys. Bobby pins and chapsticks often evanesce without warning or cause. Sometimes I lose bigger things. Things like my favorite sweater or my school bag. Things like the reason I came into a room, Or the memories of what I had for breakfast that morning. Sometimes I lose my train of thought, or the point I was trying to make or an idea. Sometimes I lose arguments. Sometimes I lose friends. I like to think all the things I lose go to the same place. A plain white place full of hair ties and dollar store bracelets, And I like to think they all wait there, patiently. Wait there to be found. One day I lost my passion. It floated away like a helium balloon drifting toward the sun. But I couldn't let it go. I chased it into the sky, Past the moon and the stars and the milky-way, And I followed it into the white place, And I faced a sea of bobby pins and hair ties and chap-sticks. I faced all those lost arguments and ideas and aspirations and promises, And I told them I was sorry. They asked me why I never came looking for them, why I'd let them disappear. I just told them the truth. I said, Some things need to be lost, so new things can be found. I tied my passion to my wrist with a piece of twine, Let it float above my head like a guardian. It reminds me that so long as that knot holds, (I double-tied it just to be safe), It doesn't matter how many things I lose, I'll keep what

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