Something Wicked By Janice Galloway Analysis

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When one commits a crime, a feeling of guilt is usually not far behind. In the short story anthology, Something Wicked, readers are given a first hand account of felons that are not accompanied by the guilt of their crime. In the stories, “Someone Had To” by Janice Galloway, “Business”, by Raymond Soltysek, and “Statutes and Judgments”, by Susie Maguire, the perpetrators in Something Wicked feel no remorse or shame for their contravention. These stories are in fact similar in that all three works, the victims are left searching for justice. The need of justice is also present in the stories, “I Shall Fear No Evil”, by Iain Grant, and “Common Knowledge”, by Elizabeth Reeder. This pair of stories differs from the others in the fact that there is an added emphasis on misbelieving trust,…show more content…
In “I Shall Fear No Evil”, the relationship between Tad and Jim is warped to reach a deeper degree of pain. Tad’s comedic act tries to lull the victims into a false sense of security, slowly earning their trust. After, Big Malky comes in to deliver the real punishment to the victims. The duo’s partnership hurts the victims both emotionally and physically. The success of the act is shown in the victim named Jim. Out of his three audience members, Jim is the only one who laughs at Tad’s jokes. Jim’s affection for Tad are apparent when he states, “See you an me, we could be freens” (49). Jim’s naïve belief is shattered when Tad reminds Jim of the reality and seriousness of the situation. When Tad confesses the real intentions of his act, “[I]t hurtsch ye far moare if ye get tortured by schomewan ye’ve made friendsch wi causche ye get bewildered….torturing an a’sch no really aboot the pain, it’sch all tae dae wo yer emotionsch” (50), one really becomes aware that there is not going to be a happy ending to the
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