Something The Lord Made

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Anh Duy Doan ENG111 – 007 01-27-2011 Something the Lord Made “Something the Lord Made” is a movie that is based on a true story of two medical pioneers – white surgeon Dr. Blalock and his black assistant Vivien Thomas. They worked and teamed together in the 1940s to find procedure to save children suffering from the heart defect. The movie has set off a talent of Vivien who has a great interest in medicine and creates a new technique in heart surgery. The other reality in the movie is the partnership between a white man and a black man while racial discrimination is extremely serious. Vivien is a man who does not have much education except high school diploma. He has hoped to go to college and strive his yearning for medicine. In his early life, he was doing a job as carpenter but he was laid off later. Later, he is introduced to work for a doctor Blalock’s laboratory in a hospital. His job is cleaning dog pens twice a day and sweeping the lab every morning, those are just very simple tasks. On the bus, when his girlfriend knows that he just got a job in the hospital, she is so happy and glad about that. The racial discrimination quiet presents there because every colored people have to sit at the rear of the bus. At the first day at work, when Vivien is cleaning the lab, he suddenly pays attention on a lot of books on the bookshelf. He picks up some books, sits on a chair, and starts to read them. Unexpected, Dr. Blalock comes in the lad and sees Vivien is reading books. Vivien realizes that Dr. Blalock is already in the lab; he is so afraid and places the books back. Dr. Blalock seems like unhappy and a little fastidious. He asks Vivien his last job, his education, and his ambition; he seems like that he disregards everything Vivien said. He asks Vivien to try to pick up test-tubes onto the bracket, and he is very surprised. After that, he has different idea
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