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Chapter 2 Applying to dental school A s you prepare to apply to dental school, you will find it helpful to become acquainted with the usual educational curriculum, typical admissions requirements, and the application process. This chapter offers essential information about these topics, organized into four sections: The Dental School Program provides an overview of the basic educational curriculum at most schools, recognizing that each dental school has its own mission and distinguishing features; Qualifying for Dental School reviews the typical numbers of students involved in applying to and attending dental schools and summarizes general admission requirements; The Application Process describes the steps of applying to dental school; and Special Admissions Topics addresses the special topics of advanced standing and transferring, combined degree programs, and admissions for international students. THE DENTAL SCHOOL PROGRAM A common goal of all dental school programs is to produce graduates who are: J Competently educated in the basic biological and clinical sciences J Capable of providing quality dental care to all segments of the population J Committed to high moral and professional standards in their service to the public The traditional dental school program requires four academic years of study, often organized as described below. Since there is variation in the focus and organization of the curricula of dental schools, the schools’ descriptions in Part II of this guide show the specifics of courses of study that won’t be covered here. L Years One and Two Students generally spend the major part of the first two years studying the biological sciences to learn about the structure and function of the human body and its diseases. Students receive instruction about basic sciences, such as human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry,
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