Something Terrible by Dean Trippe

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Character Analysis: “Something Terrible by Dean Trippe" Tyler Moore Man, Myth, Monster September 26, 2014 “If you tell anyone...I’ll kill your family.” This is the first sentence from the story spoken by the man who molested Dean. From this first sentence we can make a judgment that young Dean is going through something terrible. But Dean overcomes this terrible thing through passion for superheroes and Whitaker, Ronell2014-10-03T13:57:00You’re missing your “What motivates him to make the choices he makes?” sentence drawing. Dean’s motivation for overcoming all of this is his son and wanting to be a better person. Dean teaches us that superheroes and monsters don’t always wear mask and costumes. That everyday people can be the real monsters and heroes. Dean’s passion for superheroes plays a big role throughout the store because he uses Batman to overcome his fear. Batman helps Dean by telling him “I’m here to save you from something terrible.” By hearing this from his hero this gives Dean the encouragement he needs to face his monster which is himself. Whitaker, Ronell2014-10-03T14:02:00Make sure that anytime you are saying something belongs to Dean you use the possessive: “Dean’s passion” Dean’s passion for superhero saves him from becoming something terrible which is himself. Dean fears that he’ll become a child molester because he was molested, but Dean quickly gets over this phobia when he does research on molesters. Dean motivations for all this is wanting to be a better person. Even though Dean had various motivation’s for wanting to overcome his phobia there are two that standout the most to me. The first one is the fact that he was molested when he was a child. The second one would be not wanting to live in fear. When Dean was a child he was molested by his babysitter. Dean knows what it feels like to be sexually abused as a child. Therefore

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