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5 years ago something changed my life that I will never forget. It was a very tragic thing that just hit me and my brother in the face. I wish it never had happend espicailly at that time. I did not want it to turn out that way. 5 years ago 3 months before my birthday my mom got a divoriced with my dad. This happend because my parents were fighting and screaming at each other freqently. I thought that they were just putting on a show for us but then it got to the point where I could not handle it. So me and my brother went to my room and just sat there hearing the fighting and screaming take place while we were thinking about what this could turn into. My brother and I just ignored it and whent outside to get away from the screaming and the heat in there. The next thing I knew my mom was packing all of her stuff into boxes. I asked her what she was doing but she just ignored me. Thats where I figured out that something is going on here and I had to find out what it was. But soon it all fell into place my mom wasnt coming home so then I knew that she has moved out. Later on my mom had me and my brother living in her new apartment with her. Soon we moved all our stuff in there and we werent seeing my dad anymore. My brother and I thought deeply about this tradegy that had occured. That week my mom told us that they have gotten an divorice. My brother and I cried all day we never thought this would happen to our family espicially. This changed my life by now my parents wouldnt even talk, and they had to go to court to get custidy of us. Soon it just got old and now we lived with my mom. My dad now lives in Colorado we only visit him in the winter and in the summer. If this would have never happend everything would be the same no more fights no more people asking “wheres your dad been?” My

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