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English Writing 1: write something about yourself. Hi my name is ________and I am going to tell you some stuff about me. Wohooo.  I am friendly to most everybody! I have a great smile! I am a great athlete! At times I can be a very helpful person! Depends on the mood. I’m pretty funny! I’m good at playing video games! I’m a great driver! I am pretty quick and pretty fast! I’m pretty strong in my faith, which I’m a Catholic. I can climb trees better than a monkey can, NO JOKE.  I’m very unselfish. I am very humble, besides now telling you about me. Ha I have fears, but once I overcome them I typically excel at whatever it was that held me back from doing it. Writing 2: Describe a feeling, such as fear, love, sadness, or joy. The feeling I am going to describe to you is fear. I have always had a fear of heights, yet I love climbing trees. Isn’t that weird! I love roller coasters but I can’t go on them cause I am either afraid of the heights or the roller coaster moves to fast. I guess I have motion sickness to! There is only one roller coaster that I can ride on, and it’s in the dark so I cant see how high it goes. The roller coasters name is Space Mountain. It is located in Florida. Another feeling is love. I will always love basketball for as long as I live. The sport never gets old! I will play it as long as I can, my goal is till I’m 60! Hopefully my legs will still be under me by then.  I love all the skills you have to have to play basketball. I think it is amazing how we have the hand – eye coordination to shoot a ball from a distance and some how make it, most of the time. Writing 3: write about someone you care for Michael Jordan is one person that I really care about for many reasons. He was a great basketball player. In his busy basketball schedule, he always found time to give back. He was never greedy with

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