some problems that a retired person going back to work may face

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The more a country develops, the longer the life of people in this country may be. Since there is no longer war in Vietnam, my country, the life expectancy of people increases. In addition to the low birth rate, this contributes to the problem of population ageing. As a result, there are insufficient workers in the work force. One of the solutions to this problem is encouraging retired people to go back to work. However, a retired person who comes back to work may face some problems such as physical conditions and lagging behind the information technology. Firstly, when people become older, their health gets worse. Therefore, the physical condition is one of the most common problem retired people meet when going back to work. An elder worker may find it difficult to do heavy work and it’s also not easy for him to move a lot. Some times an elder worker may get some diseases such as heart disease and angina pectoris. In Vietnam, the government, together with employers, proposes many ways to solve these problems. The employers may only offer their old workers light jobs. For example, in the article from Newsweek, Theil (2006) stated that Ford Europe makes sure their older workers work safely and effectively by operating health counseling and “ergonomic production”. It means that old workers only do lighter jobs compared to young ones. Health counseling is also a way to make sure that workers do not overwork. Another way to solve this problem is that old workers can do part-time jobs. Two or three part time workers may be equivalent to one full time worker. Following this way, old workers still can contribute to the workforce. To sum up, in order to solve the problem of health, the employers should offer old workers reasonable jobs and provide health services. Another problem a retired person can face when going back to work is that he may lag behind the information

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