Some People Have All the Luck

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Javier Cabrera 9/19/12 Writing Assignment on Theme “Some People Have All the Luck” Some people have all the luck! Ever have one of those days when it seems things are not go your way. Perhaps you are on your way to a life changing business meeting and you get a flat tire. You have been preparing for this meeting for weeks because this is the presentation that could really take you on a journey to success. When you finally arrive at the meeting, you are embarrassed and uncomfortable over your tardiness, and no longer have the confidence you need to stand out. On the way in you overhear that an intern was given your appointment to show his business proposition on the fly and did an amazing job. Could your destiny have been changed because of a dreaded flat? The “Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a short story that helps you appreciate that the green grass on your side of the fence. The story reminds you to be thankful for each day that we have, good or bad, because tomorrow is never promised, a lesson we tend to realize as we get older in age. In the short story, “The Lottery” we are presented with a day that seems like any other, “June 27 was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full summer day; the flowers blossoming profusely and the grass richly green.” (p263) However, soon we find out that this day is a day where a town tradition will take place. The fascinating thing about traditions is that all cultures may not have the same tradition; however, more often than not people usually respect one another’s traditions for the morals and values found at the root of its inception. Many times traditions seem to supersede differences in race, age, gender and even right from wrong. Unfortunately, the tradition of this town is a selection of a family to be stoned, including the children. As every other member in the town expels a

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