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Written In Stone After reading the article “Some Moral Minima” by Lenn Goodman, I must admit that I agree that there are certain things that are flat line wrong. Living in today’s society with so many different cultures, religious and political beliefs we are bound to view some aspects of life differently. I must say however, some should never fall in that category. Genocide seeks to destroy a race, a culture even a class. Slavery allows one man to imprison another man that is his equal, to a life he doesn’t choose. To eliminate another simply because they don’t image you or enslave a man should never be just in anyone’s eyes. I strongly stand against this type of act. If anyone disagrees than I should feel free to murder them, right? Wrong! What makes one beliefs or opinion stand above another? In that case thousands of people would lose their lives and the human race would soon no…show more content…
Over time we have studied the human mind and body and we have come to discover that a child’s body is not matured enough until a certain age to participate in certain things such as marriage, alcohol and driving. It is frowned upon in America to send children to war, why risk the innocent? Why make them fight or defend a issue that there too young to fully comprehend. Over 300,000 child soldiers are recruited as young as nine in some parts of the world such as the Tamil Tigers army that was talked about in the article. Still no matter how much one may argue, terrorism and child warriors are wrong and always will be. I agree with the issues that Lenn Goodman touched on in the “Some Moral Minima” article. I feel that the world should be on one accord no matter your race, gender, religion. These issues would change anyone’s view, especially if it was done to their family or friends. Sometimes it has to hit home for most to understand; but why wait until then, it should never happen because it was and will always be

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