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Relativism is the idea that one’s beliefs and values are understood of one’s society culture or even one’s own individual values (Mosser, 2010). With that being said everyday a person from a culture conducts some kind of moral choice. That moral choice that he or she chooses may be viewed as right or wrong by other cultures. In the article, “Some Moral Minima” by Lenn E. Goodman there are views of four different aspects of morality and relativism and Goodman argues that certain things are just wrong. I will explore the challenges Goodman presents to relativism and provide my own thoughts on such universal moral requirements. One of the areas that Goodman reflects on about being wrong in her article is genocide. In her article title, “Some…show more content…
Goodman states, “Slavery is the deepest exploitation, overriding subject hood to make a person a tool for use (Goodman, 2010)”. Many people today have come to accept that slavery existed and believe that the slavery was put to end. However in many ways today slavery still exists. Human trafficking is an example of a type of slavery and it is still practiced today. For a while now international trafficking of women and sometimes children too for the use of labor has been under enquiry. In some ethical virtues, polygamy is thought of as slavery. Goodman states, “In polygamous societies women become acquisitions-displays of wealth or status, objects of enjoyment, means of reproduction, providers of childcare and domestic labor (Goodman, 2010)”. Goodman also goes on to discuss rape. She states that, “Rape is exploitative, objectifying, and, yes, again violative. A woman’s body is violated when she is raped. I agree with all of Goodman’s statements. I believe that there is never a situation that may be an excuse deliberated as commendable time to kill or just to kill, molest for sexual gratification and eliminate someone’s moralities just to gain fortune or to gain anything else in…show more content…
“If we hope to sift style from substance, and discredit the willful muddling of the two that makes the unfamiliar look exotic, then we are looking not just for family resemblances or a behavioral lowest common dominator, but for moral threads and themes that can anchor norms to recognizably objective values (Goodman, 2010)”. Relativism is the reference to a variety of diverse thoughts that people have. The moral relativism affirms that morality is not being centered on one complete custom. Morality is centered on several customs of cultures and other things. The moral relativism can be centered on a person’s faith, the beliefs that their family instilled in him or

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