'Some Moral Minima' By Lenn Goodman

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There are several views in “Some Moral Minima” that I agree with Lenn Goodman on and many that we disagree on. In the following paragraphs I will discuss argues my point on the topics ranging from slavery, war, genocide, terrorism, child warriors, rape and clitoridectomy. Many cultures have their own social norms, which in turn may seem moral to them or as the saying goes “just the way things are” but in turn they may be seen as immoral to other cultures. First of all, let’s discuss slavery. Many of the countries that are considered world powers were built on slavery and the slave trade. There are arguments made daily, that the impact on slaves in slavery such as pain and suffering back in the day in the USA should now somehow be seen as…show more content…
The plantation fields are now clubs, brothels and buildings all over the world. This form of slavery is no longer an attack on one specific race. The victims being exploited are comprised of all races, ages and colors. The victims are falsely manipulated into thinking that they have jobs lined up, some are even sold off to the gangs or brothel owners by their parents. Most are from poor countries looking for money to support their families. Human trafficking is so profitable and the cartels are so powerful that it has become a norm in some countries. There are people in these parts of the world who turn the blind eye to the many victims of this heinous crime. I would argue that countries can do more but I think in some instances cartels are paying governments to turn blind eye and the love of money is over ruling the morality of the situations. In 2002, a high ranking government official in the Yugoslav Republic was busted for participation in a human trafficking ring. Donna Hughes a professor at the University of Rhode Island said the following in a speech about the requirement of government participation…show more content…
Many cultures declare war, fight them and fund them in many different ways. Terrorism is a tool of war that is used to strike fear in the opposition. Terrorist use bombs, hijackings and even themselves as weapons. Propaganda is one of the main tools that are used by terrorist. They seek out the weak and use intimidation tactics to coerce individuals to agree and support their cause or they kill them. Most terrorist groups use men, women and children. There are many terrorist apologist, many don’t necessarily agree with all the tactics the terrorist use but the indirectly support them because they share a common goal. Most the terrorist have a view of Shari ‘a Law. Many terrorist have a view where nothing stands in the way of their cause. The acts of terror even though it may help certain cultures causes they do not openly support it because of the bad light it shines on them. Children soldiers are often used in wars. Most of the children are brainwashed or manipulated. The use of children test the morality of the opposition they face. No military wants to kill children that most likely were forced into

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