Some Examples of Euphemism

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affirmative action | race-based preference, usually in employment or academic admissions, also called "reverse discrimination"[23][24][25] | light in the loafers, confirmed bachelor, rides the bus, friend of Dorothy | male homosexuality | left the building | to describe a person (usually a celebrity) who recently died | abattoir | slaughterhouse | acting like rabbits, making love to, getting it on, screwing, doing it, making the beast with two backs, sleeping with | having sex with | adult entertainment, adult material, gentlemen's special interest literature | pornography | bathroom tissue, t.p., bath tissue | toilet paper (usually used by toilet paper manufacturers) | bathroom | toilet room, especially one in the house (US) | been around the block | having had much sexual experience | being laid (off), dismissal | fired or sacked | bias crime | hate crime (used by the New York Times to describe the Rutgers University/Tyler Clementi case.) | big, curvy, fluffy, zaftig, plus-sized, thick-boned, full-figured, heavy-set, Rubenesque | overweight, fat, obese | the big C | cancer (in addition, some people whisper the word when they say it in public, and doctors euphemistically use technical terminology when discussing cancer in front of patients, e.g., "C.a."; euphemisms for cancer are used even more so in the Netherlands, because the Dutch word for cancer can be used as a curse word) | bye-bye box | coffin, casket, or cremation box. | chemical dependency | drug addiction (though these technically describe distinct conditions) | co-morbidity | simultaneous existence of related mental and physical health issues (when morbidity is used as a medical term for illness), although in the regular medical use of this term it simply means the presence of one or more mental or physical diseases apart from the primary one and as such is not a euphemism.[26] | comfort

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