Somali Pirates Essay

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How is it that in the days of nuclear bombs, anti-aircraft missiles and the threat of bio-terrorism, do the people all over the world have to worry about pirates? People off of the coast of Somalia in the ocean need to worry about them. Piracy has had an uprising of “terrorist” activities. Many say it is because the country is poor and they are fighting for themselves. Their government will not do anything to help them so maybe they have to take matters into their own hands. Piracy has been the oldest recognized form of international crime. Is it because people are no longer worried that a boat of pirates are going to capture them and take all their money or even kill them because they are afraid of other forms of violence and terrorism? Piracy, defined by Wilson, is “an illegal act of violence, detention or depredation committed for private (rather than political) ends by the crew or passengers of a private ship or aircraft against another ship, persons or crew, and committed outside a state’s territorial water.” Inside the territorial waters is considered “armed robbery at sea” and it is the responsibility of the state territory to handle. Piracy off the coast of the failed state of Somalia has been growing at an alarming rate. In 2008, over 120 attacks have been reported, resulting in the seizure of more than 40 ships and the kidnapping of more than 600 crew members, and about $30 million in ransom has been paid (Tsvetkova). Somali piracy disrupts international trade, funds the vicious war in Somalia, provides breeding ground for terrorists, a convenient route for illicit economies, and can lead to serious environmental damage. Even though the treat of piracy has been around for several years, there is a need for international law and policy to come into play. Not only does this hurt Somalia, but it also hurts all of the international trade that goes

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