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Solar Solyndra Solar Company Background of the company Founded in the year 2005, by Dr. Chris Granet, in the Fremont District of California, Solyndra is a company that deals in Solar Energy. Involved in the manufacturing process of Tubular Solar Panels, it’s an unrivaled player in this business. The company also offers a variety of other Solar Product options, as it’s been in the books of most solar manufacturing companies to use Flat panels which are traditional to Solyndra’s PV Solar System. Contrary to the Standardized solar panels as used in Ballast, the Solar Products manufactured by Solyndra are not entitled to be Standard specific. (David 2008). The manufacture and exercise of solar panel have an indisputable ethical implication. Issues like admission to solar panel and also economic development in which there is distribution of resources which has effect on the environment and use of exhaustible resources which are also set by the use of solar panel or the solar panel sources which are basically used for the choices that are engage in the one or another kind of large statement of the certain kind of ethical values (Saleem , 2011). Solyndra’s problem began to start from 31st august 2011 when they filled a legal compliant for the chapter 11 of the bankruptcy case which was after two years (24 months) receiving the payment of more than half a billion loan funding from the energy department of US and also adding on $25 .1 million which was tax free from the California’s Alternative Energy & Advance Transportation Authority (CAEATA) by which they were granted a help to the Solyndra finance for the making of solar panel development panels (Anderson, 2012)This loan was off a very huge amount was still possible because a energy law passed in the year 2005 which showed that the official department to question the backed loans for the new inventions

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