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Solving Motivational Problems in the Work Place Essay

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Solving Motivational Problems in the Work Place |
Maslow’s Motivational Theory |
Kathryn Berry |
Everest University |


Motivation in the work place is important to keep employees happy. In order to achieve employee happiness you must first, find out what motivates them. According to Maslow (n.d.), “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” This quote is the solution to motivating employees.
In order to properly motivate these workers, it is important to fulfill their need of acknowledgement, recognition, self-respect, and importance. In order to accomplish this task, I would start by asking all of the employees to attend a team meeting, so that I can get them all together at once. I would explain to the employees that without them, this company would not be the success that it is today. I would let each of them know how important they are to the company, and ask them what kind of changes they would like to see in the work place. When they make suggestions, no matter what they are, let the employee know that you appreciate their input, and changes will be made to make sure that they are happy with their jobs. Then make any changes that can be made without going beyond your means. Depending on the success of the meeting, I would schedule a weekly meeting to better motivate employees.
If the company were to go by Herzberg’s theory the difference would be minimal because they have the same factors. According to Herzberg’s theory employees want to feel achievement, recognition, and an opportunity for growth. In order to achieve this, you could take the same steps that were stated in the second paragraph, as well as reward employees by giving them opportunities for advancement.
According to McGregor’s theory, a manager either thinks the worst (X Theory) or the best (Y Theory) of their employees. X Theory managers will motivate employees with fear and money, which is the exact opposite of the other theories...

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