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1. The parable mainly talked about a man who had two sons. The younger son demanded his father to give him heritage and left for a far country. After receiving his property, the younger son lived his life recklessly by spending his entire property carelessly in that country. Soon after that, the famine occurred in the country, the son began to feel the need to feed himself. Hence, he decided to become a citizen of the country and worked in field to feed swan. Working there, he was so suffered from hunger until he ate the husk---the swan’s food and fainted because of hunger, yet nobody bothered to give him food. After that he realized how generous his father was to feed his servants with breads; he decided to return to his father and worked as servant, for he thought that he was not worthy to be his father’s son due to his wrong doings. However, after seeing his son come back and instead of blaming or having his son worked as a servant, the father was so happy and commanded his servants to dress up best robe, ring, and shoes for his son and killed the fatted calf for the feast to welcome his son. Seeing the celebration, the older son was so angry with the father saying that the father never did anything for him while he was obedient and worked hard in the fields for him. After listening to his older son disappointing talk, the father replied, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine…we should make merry and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found”. 2. From the parable, there are three main messages that Jesus Christ wants to teach us. First, Christ wants to show us the greatest love that parents have for their children no matter what the children have done. For instance, the parable showed us that although the younger son lived and spent all the property recklessly and returned to his father with

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