Solution to Imigration Essay

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Solutions to Immigration Immigration has been a key factor in shaping the American society throughout the span of the America. However, the topic is a highly controversial issue that both sides present a strong standpoint on. With immigration being a complex issue within our society, the numerous groups have tried plenty of attempts to create a sustainable solution that has worked. The competing attempts to generate a solution to better the immigration problem all are turned to viewing their strengths and weaknesses. The issue of immigration has reached the presidential level, which the current president George W. Bush has made a proposal to unravel the solution. Bush presents a plan to help with the issue in various different areas on immigration. President George W. Bush on June 26, 2007 during a press release states, "I view this as an historic opportunity for Congress to act, for Congress to replace a system that is not working with one that we believe will work a lot better. In other words, this is a moment for people who have been elected to come together, focus on a problem, and show the American people that we can work together to fix the problem." (Whitehouse, Bush 2007) Bush’s reasoning behind the new proposal so all immigrants will have equal opportunity and to assist the reduction of illegal immigration into the country. He calls his new proposal the Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Bush’s new proposal focuses on border security, interior enforcement, worksite enforcement, guest working programs, and to improve the existing immigration. By improving these factors of immigration, our society’s economic, healthcare, job market, and population will be better controlled to appropriate measures. Bush’s center of attention is on illegal immigrant, which he feels will decrease by focusing border control. He plans on hiring “18,300 border

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