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0509761 September 22, 2011 Business Ethics Paper #1; Is It Ever Right to Lie? Robert C. Solomon – We shouldn’t and don’t expect business people to act solely in their own best interest. If people couldn’t trust one another in general no business would get done. In terms of business ethics there are numerous arguments, opinions, and moral codes that are constantly being considered up for debate. In order to understand these arguments, the premises have to be analyzed carefully, making sure that they are essential and relevant to the conclusion stated. In turn, to analyze an argument effectively the reader must test it from a counter perspective whether they agree or not. In this very practice the reader will have to apply real world examples to gain their own opinion on the certain ethic being preached. One philosopher, Robert C. Solomon, explains the premises of lying from a business standpoint in his article, “Is It Ever Right to Lie?” Solomon believes that it is never right to lie, even when a lie seems preferable. He also believes that a lie can only lead into a constant web of falsehood, leaving people constantly questioning the truthfulness of others. A crucial piece of Solomon’s argument is his controversial view of lying in the business world. He strongly believes, “We shouldn’t and don’t expect business people to act solely in their own beset interest.” Although this is supported throughout his article there are a few flaws that Solomon neglects to cover. From a counter perspective there still remains the exceptional flaw in his opinion of ethical choice. A business man must have a persuasive sense of social standards in order to succeed in the business sense. Without a competitive attitude, and cunning business ethics the once successful business man will find himself falling behind. Competitors that do not find lying morally

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