Soldiers For Christ Essay

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The article “Soldiers for Christ” discusses three types of religions dealing with terrorism. This essay will discuss methods and motives of these three groups and whether their tactics include penetrating terrorist acts according to the definition of terrorism we outlined in class this term. It will also outline how convincing each group’s members justifies their objectives and the methods they use to attain them. The article first discusses Christianity which is said to be the religion associated with terrorism. Christianity, like most traditions, has always had a violent side. The bloody history of the tradition has provided images as disturbing as those provided by Islam or Sikhism, and violent conflict is vividly portrayed in both the New and Old Testaments of the Bible. This history and these biblical images have provided the raw material for theologically justifying the violence of contemporary Christian groups. Attacks on abortion clinics, for instance, have been viewed not only as assaults on a practice that some Christians regard as immoral, but also as skirmishes in a grand confrontation between forces of evil and good that has social and political implications. According to Rev. Michael Bray who was convicted with two other defendants for destroying seven abortion facilities said Christianity gave him the right to defend innocent “unborn children”, even by use of force whether it involves, destroying the facilities that they are regularly killed in, or taking the life of one this is murdering them. Now Bray went on the defend the 1994 actions of his friend, Rev. Paul Hill, in killing Dr. John Britton and his escort. Bray’s theological justifications were echoed by Hill himself. Hill said “You may wonder what it is like to have killed an abortionist and his escort,” Hill wrote to Bray and his other supporters after the killings. “My eyes were

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